Chronicles about the endless amazing journeys that we make in Incredible India!
This is about Travels to India. This place is for people who love India and would love to share their passion about India. These are tales about your travels to India, our journeys through this amazing country… India is a maze of myriad cultures, colours, tastes, odours, perfumes, people, religions, superstitions, geographies, and it is constant motion. However there is a timelessness about everything in India. Each day we cross a few kilometres and we lose ourselves in this extremely diverse colourful maze. India is addictive.
Journeyman Chronicles is the place which documents, records and then plays back the moments of the many Journeys that we undertake in this amazing subcontinent, Journeys which we start but never finish, Journeys which finish even before they start, Journeys which change our lives, Journeys which brings us close, moves us apart and then brings us back to the same point to start all over again, Journeys which makes us smile, cry, laugh, lament, jump in ecstasy, fall in love, Journeys which define us.
We chronicle yours and our journeys in India; it is an Indian diary that we share with all of you.
Blog your experiences, Upload your memories, Share your views, and together we would be your co-traveller in the Chronicle of your Journey.
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The Journeys

Travelling in Kerala

Travelling in Kerala

Travelling in Kerala would make you fall madly in love all over again. Falling in…

The Reviews

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