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Fun of Andamans II (Indian Ocean)

Fun of Andamans II (Indian Ocean)
We had left Port Blair Phoenix Jetty a couple of hours ago after lunch. For what happened in Port Blair, click here.
As we started approaching Havelock, the boat honked to clear the bridge and we had to go down. But we did not feel like leaving the bridge. The beauty of these islands is mesmerising. If you travel to India, you should come several times and the Andaman Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a paradise to be discovered. It is totally worth it.
Travel to India Andamans

The jetty at Havelock

As our boat docked the sun was still not too close to the horizon but not too far from it either. One thing is for certain in these island paradises; coconut groves are nineteen to the dozen. And the size of the coconuts are surely something to write home about. When we visited hotels, they would always offer us one as a welcome drink. Yes, this is tropical India. When you visit a good hotel, you are welcomed with a drink that you are sucking straight out of a fruit. In the age of Monsanto, it does not get more organic than this! And it is so rich and tasty that you continue sipping at it incessantly. These are the advantages only if you do a custom private travel to India organised by meticulous professionals.
Best beaches of the world, Coconuts galore, Andaman Islands

You are going to really enjoy these coconuts all along the beautiful beaches!

Beautiful beaches, amazing coconuts, paradise destinations

Drink pure coconut water. Say no to Monsanto! 🙂 And those coconuts are BIG!

The sun was still fairly high. After checking in, I thought that I would still get some time to get into the ocean for a quick swim before the sun sets. Our transfer car was waiting for us at the Havelock docks. We went to our diving school and checked in for our course starting next morning right away. More on that later.And then I went to the hut. We changed into our swimsuits. But it was low tide. And there was no way we could swim during low tide. It was quite funny. The water barely came up to our ankles! We waded in shallow waters looking at the moored boats. One of these small boats would probably be taking us out later during our stay to the ocean for our diving. They say fantasies often come true.

The sunset was near spectacular. I realised later that stunning sunsets here is routine.

Best beach destinations, Andaman Islands, Sunsets, Sunrise

Sunrise and sunsets are often spectacular at the Andaman Islands

Totally natural tropical islands like the ones in the Andamans, Havelock for example have some elements that clearly satisfy you:
  1. Beaches. Lots of wonderful beaches. Some of the beaches at Havelock are world class and are rated by Time magazine it seems among the top 10 beaches in the world. I did not bother to check which one. They are all fabulous. There are quite a few beaches in India that are simply marvellous. And Andamans has quite a few of them. Even a wild island like Havelock has about a dozen beautiful beaches. If you like beaches, there are multiple bikini destinations here, all of them are fantastic.
  2. Coconuts are everywhere. They are great for your liver. Drink up!
  3. Food is not cheap. But seafood is all over the place. And it is not difficult to find a good restaurant/shack cooking up a delicacy. They are all good and hygienic. Over time you would have your favourite haunts.
  4. 80% of the island is wild and uninhabited. Live at your own risk and peril. That is not a threat. That is a dare! There are no wild animals though.
  5. There is no network coverage. Or barely any. Hence no internet! So no Facebook.
  6. Plastic is banned here. If you are caught carrying plastic, you will be arrested. Do not even dare or think about carrying plastic! Why carry plastic when all you need is a bikini.
  7. Underwater marine life is absolutely fabulous. If you are travelling to India, this is one of the best places for underwater marine life, especially for the fish.
Great beaches, Beach destinations, Andaman Islands

Great Seafood. You can go on a diet of seafood for your entire stay on the islands!



Best beaches of the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India

Among the top 10 beaches of the world!



Best beaches of the world, Amazing beaches of the world, travel to India, Luxury travel to India

Mangrove Forests and super beaches!


Fortunate are those who are on a private tour to India. We were on a private custom travel to India with a professional tour operator who are experienced and understand all my needs. Thus all aspects were meticulously planned and taken care of. We did not once have to think about anything once we finalised the programme.

I spent a week in Havelock. I went and inspected hotels, checked out their Food & Beverage, saw their facilities and services. Most are mediocre with not so great services. But when you are next to a beach, you have not much to complain. But I am stickler for quality services. If I am to design a private custom travel to India, I would like to be able to deliver the best.

Beautiful beaches of the world, best beaches, travel to India, India luxury travel

You have luxuriant greenery all around. And it is wild!


I came to the Andamans with a some specific purpose in mind. And I was accompanied by a willing travel companion who is also an avid traveller and a serious contributor to this column. You can read about her travels in India, the palaces of Rajasthan, Luxury travel in India, the experience of Luxury in Jaipur, staying at a luxurious medieval Palace in Rajasthan and other travel experiences.

After staying at the Andaman Islands for a week, my travel companion was more than delighted and had this to say:

“Coming to the Andamans is one of the best travel moments in my life and one of the best decisions in recent times. Make sure you pack your bikinis. Yes I do like beach destinations. I have been to Goa several times. I have stayed for months at Kerala. But the Andamans is much more than a beach destination. For the first time I am seeing mangrove forests, pneumatophores, waters so crystal transparent that the life underneath is clearly visible to several metres, fish flying out of the water, dense tropical greenery that soothe your senses, excellent seafood everyday, sunsets and sunrises that are stunning to say the least and at night you can pluck the stars right out of the sky!

I can spend a week here doing what I feel like, enjoying the beaches, perfecting my tan, swimming with the fishes, discovering local cuisine, finishing my literature, drinking coconuts, swinging from a tree, meeting other locals and fellow travellers, exchanging experiences about travel to India. A week flies by in complete natural detox before you even realise. If you do not want to do anything, this is the ideal bikini destination for me.

It was interesting to talk to other travellers since I was one of the rare ones who was on a private tour to India. And I was getting the best deal in terms of services and the way our travel planner took care of us. I did not have to go around scouting for a vehicle to go to my destination. My car was always waiting for me. My ferry tickets were ready and handed to me on arrival. Travel was easy and I could relax and enhance my fun factor.”

Beach destinations, Best beaches in the world, travel to India, India Luxury travel

Meditation on some of the best beaches in the world!


Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Perfecting the tan! 🙂


Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Sun, sea, sand and frolic on amazing beaches!


Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Spending a day at a luxury cottage right next to the beach is an amazing experience!


Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Swinging away joyfully in the midst of the green wilderness!


Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Discovering exotic tropical plant species!

Such was the joy of my travel companion that she wants to come back. I do not doubt her feelings. Andamans is infectious; the clean air, the good food, the extraordinary greenery, nice people and fantastic beaches. And if you are on an island like this, everything is within walking distance. All of Havelock Island has just two buses and 16 cars, one road that forks into two and no traffic lights.

Andamans is not a cheap destination. I checked out most of the important hotels there. At Havelock there is just one luxury option which is quite good and close to one of the best beaches in India which in fact is even one of the best beaches in the world. My mind is made up. I am coming back here on a regular basis. I am left wondering why I did not come back here earlier and more often.

Some more photos that we took that made our stay worthwhile:

Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Translucent emerald waters that leave you spellbound


Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Unbelievably beautiful beaches and amazing foliage


Best beach destinations, Andaman Islands, Sunsets, Sunrise

There are no words to describe the beaches here!


Best beaches in the world, Beach destinations, Travel to India, India luxury travel

Sunrise is simply fantastic. Yoga time for some as well! Here you see the divers getting their tanks ready.


Best beach destinations, Andaman Islands, Sunsets, Sunrise

And sunsets like these become part of your life on the beaches of Andamans


The author, Krishnendu KES is a regular traveller and has often written reviews about hotels around all parts of India.

Best beach destinations, Andaman Islands, Sunsets, Sunrise

The author in Andamans testing new ground!










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Amazing time at the Andaman Island paradise! 🙂