The Journeyman Chronicles Team


 Sajal: A geek head to start with, who finds every bit of code human and every byte as family. Passionate  about his photography and motorcycling, Sajal is a busy bee, be it office, home or on road going ballistic  on his two sets of wheels. Loves his food, and if it’s Bengali cuisine, properly made and is non-veg, there’s  nothing stopping this voracious meat eater. Loves to watch movies (well the genre depends on mood  while having Maggie and a chilled bottle of ThumbsUp
 Bibudesh: Bibudesh is an excellent software developper, brilliant photographer and travelling has become  a passion with him after he was cursed by his astrologer! Read more about that here. He travels often… in  and out of his city, in and out of his state and in and out of his favourite FIAT car. He started travelling  with his darling wife and life partner and they really discover the places inside out and go to the depths of  the soul that a place has to offer.


 Krishnendu: Krishnendu, fondly called Ken by many, started travelling very young with his parents. He  has travelled the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent several times, by train, by bus and by  motorcycle. In fact he has become so fond of travelling that now he designs holidays in India for people  who visit India. He also does hotel reviews, food reviews and of course the places to visit. He can be pretty  tough on things that do not work well. But then, his caustic humour is well known!