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The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road – New Delhi

The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road – New Delhi

New Delhi has no dirth of restaurants, most of them ranging between mediocre to very bad. But all of them touting themselves as “multi-cuisine”. However most of the “middle budget” restaurants have pretty good ambience despite doling out fancy sounding mediocre food. In such a scenario, when you come across a good restaurant, it stays in your mind and taste lingers longer on the palate with a strong wish to go back there. One such place is the Garden Restaurant in Lodhi Road.

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The Budget: Be warned; the Garden Restaurant by no means can be classified as a “middle budget” restaurant. Any place that serves really good alcohols like Dom Perignon instantly gets a classy tag and the gentry that frequents such a place do not get off an Auto!

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The food: the cuisine at the Garden has undergone many changes over the decades; from a mix of several middle eastern cuisines earlier to a more eclectic Mediterranean currently. The Feta cheese used is authentic, the glazed pork ribs are delicious, the seafood platter is fresh and cooked just right, their tenderloin steak is really good, even the olive oil they use for their dressings has a refined aroma. All their pastas are very good; only the paella is ordinary but still good. I am calling the paela ordinary in comparison to the other delicacies that are available. Ask them to show you their whole range of desserts. They are usually pretty good.

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The Ambiance: It has garden seating, beautifully and tastefully done with colourful cushions against the natural green background, private seating in small alcoves, well stocked bar and with good rock music played at a volume that does not disturb anybody. In the evening it is quite romantic with low lighting. They have interior seating as well on two floors. From the first floor, one has a good view of the whole garden.

The Verdict: This is one of the finest dining restaurants in town. If you have a 5* budget, do not hesitate to book an afternoon or an evening here. It is worth better than most 5* hotels!