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The Travel Bug

The Travel Bug
“Major portion of your life will be spent travelling”, said the Astrologer.“But Astrologer uncle I don’t even have a car, and our family owns a small scooter for daily commute”, replied the 12 year old.

“Time will come son.” was the consoling answer.

Astrology to me is a proven science of intuition and unlike many it worked out for me. I am an avid traveler, to a large extent true to every word of that Astrologer whom I met when I was 12.

The nature of my job needs me to travel to countries, but unfortunately or voluntarily I have been reluctant to travel for Business. While on a trip all I want to think is about the place where I have been, and not about work. And till date I have been lucky to execute the plans the way I wanted to be i.e. in isolation from work.

My Astrologer did not tell me exact age when the Travel-Syndrome is going to bug me, but to have a rough idea it happened when I was 24. I chose to get married at that age, too early but for good.

I had regard to the Astrologer’s words thus I wanted to be prepared in every single way to face the travel heat. A year before my marriage while I was in the United States (for a boring business trip) I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D40, which was THE thing back then. The camera was bought in anticipation, for reasons unknown. For a while it was a fashion statement, which wore off pretty quickly.

Unlike or like many others, my marriage was a game changer in a positive way. The astrologer was partly correct but could not guess this easy forecast.

My wife Pallavi is a travel buff and is crazy enough like to me when it comes to backpacking. Both of us had done a few business trips abroad before our marriage, but post wedding, like I said; we started ‘real’ travelling.

Havelock Island at Andamans was the maiden trip for both of us in every single way. We zeroed on it after numerous researches. Havelock stood above Maldives since the famous ‘Radhanagar Beach’ at Havelock had just received the award for most Beautiful Beach in Asia by TIME.

After Havelock we both knew what lies ahead. Unknown, unseen places were on our list, a list which was never prepared. Live the life the way we want was and is our motto. Work became a very small piece of our life, since that is the only way to sponsor our trips, on the contrary a reason to cancel trips many a times, a necessary hazard.

There was no looking back after the Andamans.

Up north Krishnendu from Maavalan travels had been very helpful in getting that done for me. It might be more fun to face the challenges if the trip is unplanned. But my maiden trips use to be an experiment for the first time, and if I like the place it means I am going there again all by myself. My trips to Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh were something similar.

 Nako Resized Bibudesh Story

Himachal is not what we see in Shimla pictures, it is something to feel once you go interiors, deep interiors. We have that abnormal, outlier, different, thinking that we should see the places which others are not interested in due to multiple reasons. Thankfully this travel agency got our point. Thus we saw the overwhelming places and people in Narkanda, Kalpa, Chitkul, Nako, Simla. Till date the memories are fresh and we are game to visit the same places time and again.

Spiti Resized Bibudesh Story

Being an Indian if you say you have not been to Ladakh then it’s high time you get your nationality checked. Ladakh is a place where one should not take chances during their first trip. My dear friend Krishnendu was again a key in getting things arranged for us. I can go on and on about this trip, but to keep things short, here we visited Leh, Pangong Lake, Hemis, Lamayuru, Nubra Valley, Diskit to name a few. We have plans to drive down to Ladakh at least once in future.

The travel bug bite is a pleasant and enriching one. We keep getting bitten. And we are not complaining! 🙂

Text Credit: Bibudesh.

Photos Credit: Krishnendu